Tech Debate was created to bring Oxford style competitive debate to important technology topics.  It was founded by Jason Schwartz who is the founder of Matchbook.  You can follow him on Twitter @jschwa and read his blog at RobberBaronBlog.com.



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Net Neutrality Debate comes to NY

The key players on both sides of the Net Neutrality issue will go head-to-head in an Oxford Style Debate. The event will take place on November 17th, doors at 7:00 PM.

Policy makers in Washington are working on Net Neutrality legislation that will have profound effects on the future of the Internet.  As a technology professional, it is vital to be informed about both sides of this issue as its outcome will have major impacts on you.

The Debaters


  • James Assey - Executive Vice President, National Cable and Telecommunications Association
  • Robert Quinn -  Senior Vice President-Federal Regulatory, AT&T
  • Christopher Yoo - Professor of Law and Communication; Director, Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition, UPenn Law


  • Tim Wu - Coined the term "Network Neutrality"; Professor of Law, Columbia Law
  • Brad Burnham - VC, Union Square Ventures
  • Nicholas Economides - Professor of Economics, Stern School of
    Business, New York University.


Oxford Style Debate

This debate is not a panel discussion or a lecture.  It is a contest, and at its conclusion there will be a winner.  Before the event, the audience will vote whether they are for the motion, against the motion, or undecided.  The audience will vote again at the conclusion of the debate.  The side that has moved the most votes will be declared the winner.

The Event

The debate will be held during the Web 2.0 Expo NY on November 17th, doors at 7:00 PM. 

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